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How To Be A Father In Prison

There’s a multitude of reasons why it’s important to be a father in prison. However, to me, the most important thing is to do all that’s humanly possible to help your children avoid the many pitfalls that can cause them to [...]

A Hitman’s Hopes for Redemption

I don't think I will ever be able to understand what could make me do all the shit I did when I was younger. I'm mentally fucked up over my actions. The lady I killed in Wisconsin was a good hard working mother. Her name was Kim Smith and she worked for the county in Waukesha, Wisconsin.
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Thanks Prison, You Worked.

  Dear Prison, I’m writing this letter to thank you, to let you know how much I've come to appreciate you in my life. This might sound bizarre coming from a prisoner like me, but during our twelve-year relationship, I've learned [...]