Long-Term Incarceration: When The Time Hits You

The expression "when the time hits you" is used in reference to inmates with long sentences.  It’s the moment when long-term incarceration forces an inmate to assess the gravity of his situation. I’m talking 15-year sentences -- or more. Now, I [...]

Prison: The Final Frontier

The world changed when a shocked nation saw the horrific video of George Floyd’s life being snuffed out by officer Derek Chauvin. Floyd’s death sparked outrage and in the aftermath people took to the streets--white and black together--wearing their Black Lives [...]

The Day My Mom Vanished

I was four years old when my mom vanished out of thin air one day. Both of my parents were high school dropouts and were involved in their second marriages. My father had already produced seven other children that he was [...]


America was built off of profits made from the stolen bodies and labor of African hostages—slaves. History teaches us that the trans-Atlantic slave trade was about economics. As was the civil war and Jim Crow.

Life As a Big Time Drug Dealer

When I was a big time drug dealer in the street, I had 2 cars, one motorcycle and about $27k cash and I was 21 yrs old. I owed no one a dime and I had $4,500 worth of music equipment in the truck of my car,