VIDEO: The Brutal Truth About A Brutal Crime

Agnes Fury is the mother and grandmother of author Leonard Scoven’s two victims. Years ago, she contacted Scovens in prison to find answers and closure. Amazingly, their relationship turned into a friendship after the two corresponded for years — before the two published a book together about restoration and forgiveness, called Wildflowers in the Median. (!)

Covid-19 Update from a Florida Prison

Monday, Tomoka's first fatality was recorded. No info on who it was or cause of death. Latest TV news reported 18 prisoners and 4 staff here had tested positive. Other prisons have positive tests, too.

My Life of Crime Started at Age Four

I started stealing when I was 4, from yards and shoplifting. I don’t know where I learned it, but I knew it was wrong.  I stole mostly toys and mail. I was a kid. When we moved to Oklahoma, drugs and alcohol became a part of my life at age 11.  

Covid19 in My Ohio Prison

Covid19 has affected Ohio's prisons like it has the outside population, slowly. As things have slowly clamped down out there, they have clamped down in here. The first change happened on Tuesday the 10th when most evening activities were cancelled. For [...]

My Crime: Change in Places

Sixteen years later, that day still played in my head as clear as a Blu-ray movie. I still saw Frank's raised eyebrows when, in broad daylight, he announced, "We're taking that." A nine-millimeter semi-automatic stuck out of his jeans pocket. I [...]