I’m 31 and I’ve Spent Half My Life In Prison

A number of months ago, I reached a milestone in my own life, one that isn't in any way positive but one that's definitely made me stop and think. I am 31 years old and I have spent half my life in prison as Prisoner #595904 in Michigan’s Department of Corrections, Inmate Dankovich. 

The Catch-22 of Prison Education

Getting a prison education in California is a joke. Allow me to explain why. When a prisoner gets assigned to school, that is basically his job. The incentives for him to go to school every day are unlimited access to the [...]

Living With A Prison Con Artist

He's a prison con artist and, for awhile, my cellmate.   The day he moved in, all seemed normal—for about five seconds—until he launched into an obsessive allegation that a female guard forced him to perform oral sex on her. This was followed by lies that a former cellie drugged and raped him.

John Hovey: A Year of Prison Quarantine

  Americans, like the rest of the planet, have endured the COVID19 pandemic since early 2020. Tragically, there have been thousands of deaths. Even for those who have not experienced loss, life has been very difficult for most, especially economically. For [...]