My Crime: Brad Simpson

The reason this moment is different than normal: I have a warrant (that’s normal), I’m driving without any ID on me (that’s normal), and I have 10,000 ecstasy pills in the trunk of my car (that’s new!).

A Juvenile Lifer’s Story

I am prepared to die: My name is Edward Mike Ji, now age seventeen, newly minted adult duly dubbed and declared so by Collin County Juvenile Court, inmate number 207989, and death cannot come swiftly enough. I lay in this foul [...]

What’s Prison Really Like?

I officially retired November 30th, 2007 at the ripe old age of 24, and it’s great! I am now part of a government-sponsored adult day care and assisted living center. We have the best health care plan in the United States. [...]

Prison Guards Gas Inmates in Attempted Murder

These 3 ranking officers emptied 2 small cans of chemical agents and used 4 big cans emptying at least 2 of them – all within a 5 minute period. No medical personnel was on scene during this use of force nor was the portable camera (handheld video camera) focused into the cell recording the actions of the offenders that required such an excessive use of force.”

Getting Out of Prison is Overrated

I’m a repeat offender. This is my 4th time in penitentiary. I’m the “poster child” for getting out of prison.  First time I was 17 years old. I did four years. My 2nd time I was 22 and I did 3 years. Third time I was 25 and I did 9 years. Now I’m 37 and I’m serving a 30-year sentence.

We Smoked K-2. I Barely Survived, He Didn’t.

I died that night. Twice. Later, I was told that when I arrived at the medical department I did not have a heartbeat and I had stopped breathing. I was clinically dead. But the medical staff at the Coffield Unit did not give up on me.