What Really Happens in Juvenile Detention

At the ripe young age of eleven, in the fifth grade of elementary school, I was arrested and transferred to Mount Sinai psych ward for assaulting my math teacher, Mr. Friedman.  A counselor named Ms. Brown convinced the cops that I should be taken to a hospital instead of a jail cell.

What Prisoners Think Of Trump

  First, what prisoners think of Trump is that he's done the impossible, which is to take prisoners who would otherwise vehemently despise each other and unite them (albeit into one of two groups). Prisoners either love or hate him, without [...]

American Beauty: The Kristin Rossum Story

I produced an hour documentary on Kristin Rossum when I was a producer for CBS's 48 Hours. Here is a summary. Did Kristin get what she deserved? Kristin Rossum and Greg de Villers were newlyweds who seemed to have a wonderful [...]

From Death Row to Writing

I committed a crime that I’m still paying for and for that I was given the ultimate penalty: a trip to death row. I eventually made it off after 20 years and I felt that that alone was something worth sharing. [...]

Prison Guards Gas Prisoners for Fun

In Texas Prisons, guards are notorious for beating, killing, and harassing prisoners. They also set up prisoners to be attacked by other prisoners while handcuffed from behind, and they're even known to assist prisoners in committing suicide, even when the prisoner has no intentions of doing such thing.

Solitary Sucks

One thing is for sure—once you're locked in—you're at the mercy of those with the squeaky boots, the clanking keys, and the ratcheting handcuffs. Even knowing their mighty shields don't make them more human than me, I still worship them. I leap to my feet and rush to the door at the sound of another human.