The REAL Stanford Prison Experiment

The movie, THE STANFORD EXPERIMENT, is a fictionalized account of the notorious study conducted by Stanford Professor Phil Zombardo in 1971. The research team used local newspaper ads to recruit 18 male students. Participants were told they’d be paid $15/hour to [...]

Dear Drugs

Dear Drugs, I have been free of you only a few weeks and my mind is just clear enough to know I miss you. Every day I remember how I felt when I was yours and I think maybe it was [...]

My First Cellmate Was An Axe Murderer

My first cellmate in one of Michigan's adult prisons was an axe murderer. More specifically, he was a serial killer who killed multiple people with an axe on one Halloween night. I didn't know his background when they moved me into [...]

My Childhood: A Verbal Fast

I don't remember exactly what I said, but it couldn't have been more than a nanosecond after "fucking bitch" that my face exploded and blood gushed everywhere. We were grocery shopping at C-Town supermarket and I wanted the real 'Fruity Pebbles', [...]

10 Tips For A Better Life in Prison

  My 25 years of experience doing time in prison make me an expert at avoiding the pitfalls of prison. All prisons are different, but many of the rules of conduct stay the same. Simple common sense will save you most [...]

Anatomy of a Corona Riot in Washington State

The first prisoner in Washington State to test positive for COVID-19 happened to be housed just across the sidewalk from me in the Minimum Security Unit at the Monroe Correctional Complex. Not entirely shocking, given that Monroe is a few miles [...]