Child Molesters Support Trump

A surprising number of white supporters are inside prison for rape, child-molestation, fraud, and embezzlement. In these and white-supremacist groups, he enjoys about a 95% approval rate.

A Hitman’s Hopes for Redemption

I don't think I will ever be able to understand what could make me do all the shit I did when I was younger. I'm mentally fucked up over my actions. The lady I killed in Wisconsin was a good hard working mother. Her name was Kim Smith and she worked for the county in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Poetry on Death Row Saved Me

In 2000, I was 23 and struggling to find myself in a sea of death row madness. The madness wasn't just from the inmates there, and their stories, but from the situation itself. Basically, you grew or you stagnated. To grow [...]

I Was Already Dangerous At 13

I won’t say I’m not a criminal anymore because when I see something on TV my mind automatically sees the quick way I could or can make an easy buck from that situation.

Prison Economics 101

Two packs of cookies and a Pepsi costs $2.50. The homie across the tier might let you get that for a Colgate and a deodorant, which costs like $6. But a container of Fish Oil Omega pills that costs like $10, $11 won't get you shit!