Charles Norman

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Ted Bundy’s Daughter

Where is Ted Bundy's Daughter? Charles Norman, who has been in prison for decades, knew Ted Bundy, knows how he was able to impregnate a woman while on death row, and reveals a conversation he had where Bundy confided in him about his last victim.
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DAY #14,975: Life In Captivity

April 5, 1978, dawned clear and bright in Tampa, Florida. My father was sick, at home, and I drove out to Thonotosassa, east of Tampa, to visit with him. Driving back to my apartment in North Tampa, I noticed several unmarked [...]

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Hoowee, That’s One Ugly M-F’er

Courtesy of Charles Norman By Charles Norman Hoowee. The “h” is silent. Mandarin Chinese is a tonal language in which word meanings are enhanced by pronunciation of musical notes, emphases rising and falling, higher and lower. One word [...]