Maxipads. The world of Kotex. Their use is obvious, right? NOT! It turns out they are incredibly versatile tools. Prison hacks are how we survive in prison with so little. 

When you don’t have a sponge to wash your bowl – grab a Maxipad!

When your door won’t close and you don’t have the key to shut it, slam it on a Maxipad!

When you don’t have a broom and the cop has an attitude about you needing to sweep up your spills- get on your knees and use that Maxipad!

When you need some tape and don’t have any, peel off the back and detach the sticky strip of Maxipad!

When there is a hole in your sceen and the window is falling off of its hinges, keep the rodents out with a Maxipad!

When your door in solitary confinement is crooked and letting the bugs come in at night, layer the floor-lining with a stack of Maxipads!

Maxipads can fix just about any problem…

They will keep your bed from creaking if you put one under the bed boards!

They will absorb any mess and wipe germs away with soap!

They will fill your shoes when you need a new heel!

They will fill up your pillowcase when you have no pillow!

The one thing of all things you need to survive in any female prison in any condition: MAXIPADS!!!*

The one thing prison Maxipads DON’T work for, you ask? Your period.

*This is not an ad for any specific brand. In here they come as generic as can be.

Heather D’Aoust is serving 16 years to Life in California for killing her mother at the age of 14.  

Heather D’Aoust  WA4003

California Institute for Women

16756 Chino-Corona Road

Corona, CA 92880