There are all types of contraband in prison usually due to corrupt staff and visitors who come in.  But why do prison guards smuggle contraband for prisoners?

A prison Jargon term “duck” refers to an institution employee who can be manipulated or easily fooled. You have to go about developing a duck in a manner that creates very little suspicion. A man would be a fool to just walk up to a joint cop and ask him or her to bring in “grass,” booze or money. You have to go slow, which takes time and effort. The dudes who get caught are the ones who get over-anxious and move too fast.

The first thing you gotta do is watch. You know, things like the way a person acts, walks, stands, sits, or dresses can tell you a hell of a lot about them. Things they laugh or smile at; what makes them sad or angry; their likes and dislikes; this is all important information if you really want to develop a duck. You gotta start small if you want to get a person to appoint where they’ll do just about anything you say. The last duck I seen developed was natural. Naïve, shy, friendly as hell, a do-gooder, but also an asshole at times to try to prove herself, but inmates see through that. “Little woman syndrome “ she’s every bit of 5’2.

You see, prisons don’t know how to warn their people. They gotta say, “Be friendly, be nice,” but they don’t know how to tell them when they’re going overboard. So I’m Going to tell this story.

My cell mate started his duck with nothing more than getting her to give him pencils and paper in excess of what she was supposed to give. Here’s how he developed her. (My cell mate is a murderer and a rapist sentenced to life so not really a productive citizen to society, but he hides it well with his personality. He is very educated). There is a female CO that’s been working here roughly 7 years or so. She’s in her mid 40s, skinny ass a toothpick — but in prison any woman is attractive even if she’s 400 lbs.

This particular CO was a solid CO for all that I knew. Until one day my Cellie return with a pack of cigarettes and gave me a couple, and I said, wow where did you get these from? He said Hernandez (not her real name). I said – short skinny Hernandez? He said yup. I said damn how did you pull that off? He goes on to tell me.

He is her unit and his job consist of keeping the unit clean and the CO office clean. He has been working on her for damn near two years. Remember inmates have nothing but time, especially someone who has a life sentence like my cell mate. He would keep the area clean, making her look good for inspection. I believe she got some kind of reward. And after a couple years of keeping a good rapport with her, he simply asked her one day in a joking manner when she was out smoking a cigarette if she could just leave a flick it on the ground so he can have a couple puffs and he will clean it up when he sweeps up the sallyport — and surprisingly she did. She did it quite a few times for him for over a course of a month.

My cell mate runs a store so he makes a decent living here in prison, on top of his mother sending him money. “Hernandez “ does a lot of overtime. Guards here make a decent living. With a couple over times a week they can easily make 100k a year. One day he asked her “wouldn’t it be great to not have to do much overtime” she replied, yes it would, I would love to do my 8 and hit the gate. He then replied since you been letting me smoke the leftover of your cigarettes why not just get a pack for me and I’ll give you 200 bucks? Two packs a week and that’s 400 a week you can make.

She snapped at him and then he apologized and said sorry I thought we had a good rapport. He walked away and avoided her for about a week and continued to make her unit look good. She eventually approached him and apologized for snapping on him, and ask him what type of cigarettes would he like. The next day he shows up in the cell with a fresh pack of camel crush cigarettes.

He started her off small. He had her bring in 2 to 3 packs a week. Be mindful she was getting paid through one of his friends or family members on Cashapp — and inmates do keep a record on that stuff to extort you if need be. It went from cigarettes to wanting a couple of double cheese burgers from Macdonalds. Which she refused and she decided she doesn’t want to do this anymore.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. He said – fine, I’ll go to the Captain and let him know what’s going on. She eventually had no choice. Now he has stop paying her and he had enough evidence to have her job if she was to ever quit bringing stuff in. She was bringing in cigarettes and food with her own money. This went on for about 3 months.  Guards rotate shifts every 3 months and she snuck off and went to the night shift and a different unit.

So my cellmate went a few weeks without seeing her, until one day around 630am we were going to breakfast and she was outside of her new unit. He didn’t say anything, but he knew where she worked now. The next day he had a cop-out which is a note in prison he had written to her. It says — for the next shift switch, you better make your way back to my unit. And sure enough she did 3 months later. And the process started over again. Two more inmates my cell mate was cool with found out about it and of course they wanted in.

Now she is being a mule for 3 inmates. Then eventually one of them wanted sex, which she said no, and of course he said well I’m going to the Captain. Good, job, benefits and retirement gone down the drain, she eventually had no choice. It’s not easy getting away with that in prison especially as a CO. With cameras everywhere and other inmates looking. But they manage to make it work, usually when she would do a “cell search” they would do it there real quick. You could eventually see the poor look on her face that she had made a terrible decision to get involved in that crap.

This went on for a 5 months until a race riot broke out against the Mexicans and whites. The whites losing because our numbers aren’t nowhere near as high. They shipped over half the whites and Mexicans across the country to other federal prisons and lucky for her all 3 of those inmates got transferred. So she was able to start over and hopefully she won’t be stupid enough to do that crap again. This was 6 years ago and she’s still here ;)