Wanna see an attempted murder by a prison guard? I saw one on May 27, 2020 on the close custody 3 buildings’ A-pod at 33 cell around 7:20pm. The surveillance cameras were tuned in so it wouldn’t be hard for a requestor to retrieve the footage through the Freedom Of Info Act (FOIA). But in the meantime, here’s what happened.

Between 6:00pm and 6:30pm Donald Davila #1928492 and his cellmate brought it to Sgt. Clark’s attention that they were having problems with each other. Clark, a white guard, ignored this and carried on. Minutes later, the two cellmates fought. The sounds and rumbles of punches and body parts slamming against their steel wall echoed throughout the cellblock. It went on forever and all of us could hear it.

During count [when a guard walks around and counts the prisoners] Officer Echo passed by their cell, saw the fight, then emptied an entire canister of chemical agents through the holes of their cell door. The two cellmates immediately stopped fighting and laid on the ground, covering their faces with sheets.

At this point, the chemical agents started contaminating everyone, even the responders who wore gas masks to the scene after Officer Echo called it in to his superiors.  Sgt. Clark, Captain Patricia Flowers, an unknown white Lieutenant and Sgt. Flores responded. Without provocation, and as the prisoners lay prostrated on the floor in submission, another two full cans of chemical agents were sprayed directly on them. Then a couple more canisters, in a span of five minutes. Sgt. Flores, a white female, looked on as each staffer took turns deploying their own can.  She then left the viewing area to avoid being a witness. Officer Gomez looked on from the pod watch tower.

Enraged prisoners began rocking the cellblock with door kicks and pleas for the gassing to stop. The guards’ complicity to gas the prisoners to death became evident to every observer.  Prisoner Derin Fortner #2092539, who had the best visual sight explained, “These 3 ranking officers emptied 2 small cans of chemical agents and used 4 big cans emptying at least 2 of them – all within a 5 minute period. No medical personnel was on scene during this use of force nor was the portable camera (handheld video camera) focused into the cell recording the actions of the offenders that required such an excessive use of force.”

To add insult to injury, the six-man cell extraction team came to remove the prisoners by unjustified force. As both came out of the cell shackled, their face and entire bodies glistened and dripped chemical agents. Their saturated and dripping boxer shorts hung off their bodies from the weight of the dripping gas. Both were obviously asphyxiated by the contamination, yet forced to stumble along.

Our requests for witness statements went completely ignored. Requests for a grievance weren’t fulfilled as supposedly none were on the building. As of today, May 29, 2020, our requests for grievances are still being ignored.

To my longtime readers, this should be De Ja Vu. Flowers is the same ranking staff who oversaw the illegal gassing of a handcuffed Kevin Rashid Johnson on December 21, 2016 and the taking of his legal and personal property just before. As in this case, prisoners were denied witness statements and grievances. I even received a trumped up disciplinary case for violating the social media rule, for writing an affidavit (that was posted on Rashid’s website) exposing the denial of our right to file written complaints during his abuse.

The overseeing of gassed prisoners isn’t just a Captain Flowers thing. It’s a Clements unit thing. Please help bring these social paths to the public’s eye by retrieving a copy of the pod surveillance cameras (3 on each pod) and letting them see that some of the most violent people are the ones whose duty it is to supposedly contain the violent criminals.

Dare To Struggle, Dare To Win! All Power To The People!

Jason Renard Walker #1532092

Clements Unit 9601 Spur 5901

Amarillo, Tx 79107