Murder On The Road To ADX Supermax

BY MUSTAFA ZULU "Pack your panties ladies!" I remember the prison guard yelling, while banging on the cell bars with his baton. "I've got two tickets to hell with your guys’ names on them." "Get your fat, greasy, low-life ass on [...]

A Prison Program Changed My Life

Somewhere in the purgatory between jail and prison I was convinced that prison would be a land of opportunity.  I was told of advanced education, treatment, activities — glorified misperceptions by people who had never been to prison, whose closest experiences [...]

A Cho-Mo’s Rape in Prison

"It lasted all night. I stayed up, hidden under my cover, scared that they'd find out about me. About what I did. I pissed myself. Then morning came, and the gossip found its way around. They'd lodged the broken mop handle up inside the guy. Smurfette made sure that he had a breakfast tray, and fed the guy because he couldn't do anything much but moan.

From Prison Cell to Deportation

BY ERIC SANTANA, Contributing Writer “Where am I going?” I asked the big-boned, manly female C.O. [Corrections Officer] as she pulled me out of the line going towards recreation. She looked like she was from a mountain barn somewhere in the [...]