Zombie Land In The Age of Coronavirus

Welcome to Zombie Land. Those are the words that rattle around inside my skull every time I step away from my cell during this Coronavirus meltdown. Here in the Great State of Michigan, some might argue that our Governor was a [...]

My Crime: It Got Me Two Life Sentences

Brutal Murders. Victims Stabbed 83 Times. Those were just some of the headlines above stories filled with truth and lies. Stories about a sociopathic monster. Surely a villain made for novels and movies. Those were the only places I had ever [...]

Does Racial Integration in Prisons Work?

  In the past several years, there have been numerous court rulings that have declared segregation in prison housing unconstitutional. The United States as a whole has abandoned old policies of segregation for 50 years – everywhere but the prison system. [...]

My Crime: Jonathan Benson

On April 4th, 2011 I was pulled over for a taillight being burnt out. No big deal, right? Usually no, however I was “methin’ around” (high on meth) at the time and my kids were with me in the vehicle. I [...]

Prison Advice from a Prison Expert

  Those who claim to know such things tell us that ten thousand hours given to any one task leads to mastery of that task. So, after 205,000 hours in prison I'm going to qualify myself as a prison expert in [...]