I have always been a private person in so far as wanting to be left alone when I’m reading, drawing, writing or just listening to the radio. Well, I got moved from a cell with a lot of privacy (at least privacy from inmates, not guards) to a wide open dorm with cubicles side by side and upstairs. At first I loved it. I didn’t have to wait for an officer to come on the wing to let me in my cell. I could now go in and out of my cubicle as much as I liked, whenever, I liked. I could go to the shower at any time of the day or night. I could even wander around all over the section of the dorm I was housed in. Man it was great! That is until I started noticing people always looking at me in my cubicle every time they passed by. Even when putting a towel or sheet at the front of the cubicle to block the entrance (this is a sign of don’t look) people still looked in to see what I was doing that was so secret I had to put a towel up.

As the years rolled by the towel blocking the entrance of the cubicle became common place. The cubicle walls were only about 3 feet high so when you stand up in your cubicle you can see into all the cubicles in your immediate vicinity. So of course the respectful thing to do is to keep your head down or eyes averted until you are out of the sleeping area.

After a while a new indicator was used to show the need of privacy. The new do not disturb sign was … a boot. That’s right, a boot! It came about because of a song about rocking or knocking boots all night long. A song about sex. Well when one of the guys got the urge to have a one-handed wrestling match with his penis he would put a boot on top of the cubicle wall so people wouldn’t look.

At this time I was fairly young and you know that old saying so, I kept my boot up a lot! Man, I don’t know if I lived in the nosiest section of the dorm or if most of those guys were queer because someone would always walk by and look right at me. I mean, damn, I got my boot up, a porno mag in one hand and a greased Willie in the other and you want to look in here? Come on man!

This kept going on and I kept getting more and more frustrated. No matter what time of the day or night it always happened. Someone would walk by. Well, I got fed up with people bothering me when I was in my cubicle reading, writing or listening to the radio. I was fed up with having to crawl under my bunk in this tiny little space to beat some sense into my friend Richard. So here is what I did to reclaim my privacy.

One day I was sitting up on my bunk reading and listening to the radio. A guy walked by and saw me minding my own business and he started waving at me to get my attention. I took off the headphones and put down my book and looked at him. He should have known something was wrong because I wasn’t smiling at him. He leaned on my cubicle and just as quick jumped up yelling. I never knew what he wanted because he took off after that. I had run some wire from the outlet to the cubicle wall. Every time someone touched my cubicle they got shocked.

Another time I was laying down reading while butt naked. I had a magazine draped over my crotch. Anytime some nosy fellow stopped by to ask what I was doing I would put my book down and say I’m reading this magazine here and then I’d pick it up and they would leave pretty quick.

I had a few more harmless yet nasty tricks I used to deter people from invading my privacy. Needless to say after a couple of weeks I didn’t have to worry about anyone looking in my cubicle anymore. Well, except that old man that makes me feel funny when he looks at me. Oh well!