Carlos Mendoza

I was in my car waiting on King X [a high-level NY gang leader, not his real name] to call me with the address for me to go to with the money. While I was waiting, one of my men called to tell me the work is “low” and that I would need to send more weed. I told him that I was out of town but I was on my way back and to wait.

Then King X called with the address for me to go with the money. I told him not to worry, I got him. I then took off to 174 Street and Vyse Ave in the Bronx. When I got there, King X called and told me to park the car down the block and walk up to him. I did what he asked of me. I found parking and walked with the money to him and we went to this run down building. Without saying a word, he walked in first and I did the same. He took out his gun and so did I, and we walked to the second floor. He told me to be on point because anything could happen. I just looked at him and didn’t say anything. He knew that he didn’t have to tell me anything, because I knew what I am doing.

He rang the doorbell and this woman in her 50s was at the door and told us in broken English to come right in. There were about 6 guys in the living room waiting for us. One guy asked King X in Spanish who I was. King X told him in the little Spanish he knew that I was with him, but they did not like it.

Out of nowhere another guy comes into the room. Me being from the streets, I didn’t think and took out my gun and pointed it at this guy. Everybody took out their guns as well and started pointing it at me and then told me to put the gun down. I was not going to put shit down because we all know that if you take a gun out and don’t put it to work, that person will come and try to kill you.

The guy I had the gun pointed at started talking to me in Spanish. He said that I don’t need to worry and to put down the gun. That’s when I told him that I wasn’t going to put nothing down for him. He ordered his guys to put away their guns. He was just looking at me and I knew that he was just waiting to see what I was going to do. I put the gun away and walked to him out of respect and we shook hands.

He asked King X what the hell is going on. They talked for some time and I was just waiting until they were done with the money I just gave them. The deal was about to go down. I told them that they were asking for too much. King X told me he was paying $20,000 for every kilo and the guy was giving us 10 kilos at a time. I told him if he wanted us to keep this going he would have to give us something better because we can go somewhere else because the cocaine they were selling to us was bullshit quality.

The guy said they made this deal because King X had taken some drugs from them and did not pay. I got mad because King X did not tell me this, and I looked like an ass. I knew we were going to talk. The deal was done, and when we were leaving, the guy asked if I wanted a freelance job. I stayed and King X left.

Apparently, someone they worked with hadn’t paid them and they wanted me to rob him. I knew I could. He asked me not to discuss it with King X. We would split the money and I would also get paid for the robbery job. I rode with his crew in a van. The stick-up guys were armed.

They took us to this building in Queens and when we got there, one of the guys told me to ring the doorbell. My backup disappeared and I was alone. I knew that they were just testing me. I got out of the van, walked to the door and rang the bell like I knew what I was going to do. This big old guy opened the door and asked what I wanted. I told him that I was looking for “June” and that’s when he told me that he don’t know anybody by that name. He told me to come in, like he knew me. I told him that if he didn’t know June, why was he asking me to come in – and he told me to just come in and I did.

When I walked into the house, he had an AK47 in his hand and was pointing it at me. He asked me to put my guns on the floor. I did as I was told. He told me that he knows why I am here and that he was not going to allow them guys to take something from him. I found out there was no beef. He used to be their drug supplier, but he cut them off and they were angry, so they were sending a lot of guys to rob him because they find out that the shit he was giving out was half fake.

He told me not to worry, that he was not going to hurt me and put his gun down. I took out another gun I had hidden and demanded the stuff. He couldn’t believe it.

I’m a stick-up kid who robs any thing that moves. If they had money or drugs, or better yet, both, I did not hesitate to take it. I ended up with $160-grand and 33 kilos of cocaine. I knew the crew in the van would try to kill me, so I put everything in this big handbag and then took a big silk bag he had and put what I could in it.

The old man said he would kill me if the crew didn’t. I took the AK47 and walked to the van. When the van door on the side opened up, the guy had the gun on me and told me to get in. When he saw that I was not going to get into his van, he shot at me. I hit the floor and fell on my back, and then I was shooting at them with the AK47. They all took off and I got off the ground and took off.

I lost the AK47 but I didn’t care because I knew that I had to get out of Queens. I didn’t stop running until I saw some cops. Then I saw this guy walking to his car and I walked up to him and asked him to help me. I said that some guys were trying to rob me and I would pay him, but he told me to call the cops. That’s when he told me that I should have them look at my leg, because blood was coming out of it. And when I looked down, I saw I was shot. I took out my gun and told him to give me the fucking car keys and I am not playing with him. I had to hit him with the gun, and he hit the floor. He then gave me the keys and I got into the car and took off.

I ended up in Jamaica and I knew that I was lost and I couldn’t keep going in this car, so I stopped the car and walked in to this hotel. I knew a hotel room would help me get my mind right. So I am in this room with 33 kilos of coke and the money. I went to the bed and did not get up until about 12:30pm. I called a cab to come take me to the Bronx. I remembered that my car was back on Vyse Ave. and I would have to go back to that block where everything started. I knew they were nearby, so I jumped into the car and took off and ran three red lights. I went home and packed my things. Meanwhile, my cell phone was blowing up with calls that I sent to voicemail.

It took days for me to get back to anyone. King X was calling me and wanted to know what the hell was going on. The stickup guys were looking for me. King X didn’t want to get involved and told me to forget about going back on the deal and asking for my money back. I knew the Kings were after me and I needed niggas to hold me down with this.

I walked to my car and called my boys and told them that shit is hot and I need them to be on the block now. I found them waiting for me and I told them everything that happened. Killer told me to go with him to his house. He called his girl and she came and told me to take some pain pills. The bullet went in and out, so I was fine.

Killer and I discussed what we were going to do since we are now going against the Latin Kings. I got a call from R.C. of the Kings.

I told him that I was set up. He told me not to go and see the crew because there was a hit put out on me. He told me not to give anyone the book bag, because I was safe as long as I had it. Killer took my phone and gave me a disposable one.

I knew that Killer had my back. We made a plan. The boys wanted to get my shit from the house without me, since it would be safer, but I refused. We all went to my house. There wasn’t anyone around, but Killer told three of the guys to wait outside just in case. We got everything I had there, the book bag, the money, the kilos and weed. Killer could not believe the shit I had in the house. We took off and went back to his house.

Killer sent one of his guys to steal a Toyota because they are easy to steal. Killer wanted to deal with the situation, just the two of us. We walked down the block to the car when we saw the police. We decided to take my car instead because I could get another one. While we were in the car, Killer told me the boys are doing too much drugs and are not having our backs anymore.

A black car drove up to us. I didn’t think anything of it since my windows are tinted and no one could see us. When I looked into the eyes of the passengers they were ice cold. Just as I was going to reach for my gun, Killer stopped me. (They were looking for someone else. They shot two people on the street and took off.) We drove away like nothing happened and went back to Killer’s house. I decided to give the car to one of my boys since the red BMW stood out too much.

Killer knew someone named Mario who could get my any car I wanted. I wanted a black Range Rover. It was $100-grand. Killer asked if I was holding. I told him I had a .38. We drove to the Bronx to 138 William.

When I got out of the car, the cops were waiting for me. Killer took out a badge. They got me with the guns and the money. I couldn’t believe this nigga Killer ratted me out. Killer had been working undercover for years. The cops offered me protection because of the hit out on me. The cops said they would forget about the money and write me up for the gun possession. They took me to the precinct on 166 Street for booking, where my P.O. [parole officer] was waiting for me.

Carlos Mendoza has been released from prison and is living and thriving on the outside — choosing to be far away from his past.