This is Jermaine Archer’s bio, in his own words:

Jermaine Archer Square

Jermaine Archer is a Brooklyn native and the seventh of twelve siblings.

While he admits to engaging in a reckless and dangerous past, he is presently incarcerated for a murder he did not commit.

In prison, he searched himself and, not liking the individual he encountered, decided to rise above his circumstance and be the best “Jermaine” he could be by focusing on his passions: languages, education and young people.

Today, he speaks, reads and writes Spanish and French and is currently studying German. Jermaine co-created the first and only Chinese Mandarin Language Course to be taught inside a New York State prison.

His many educational and therapeutic accomplishments include earning his Bachelors in Science from Hudson Link/Mercy College and his Master in Professional Studies from New York Theological Seminary.

As an advisor to The Osborne Association’s Children With Incarcerated Parents Initiative and a member of the Youth Assistance Program (which allows incarcerated men to share their life experiences with community youth to help them make better decisions), Jermaine continues his life’s mission of aiding young people.

Jermaine Archer doesn’t include the following in his bio: He was the M.C. for a TEDx event held at Sing Sing State Prison, about an hour north of New York City. Jermaine’s photo, seen above, appeared in the New York Times. Credit: Andrew W. Dwyer

Along these lines, Jermaine co-founded Forgotten Voices/Voices From Within (FV/VFW), a group of men who decided to redefine what it means to repay a debt to society. To date, FV/VFW has raised approximately $8,000 in prisoner-donated funds to sponsor a community gun buy-back. Jermaine has worked with NBC Dateline producer Dan Slepian to produce a short film aimed at reducing youth gun violence.

However, Jermaine is most proud of his status as a good son, husband, brother, uncle, father and stepfather.

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