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Jason Walker

Hello, my name is Jason Renard Walker. I’m a prison activist and am currently being held in solitary confinement. Since my incarceration, I’ve gotten my GED and passed the college entry exam (EA test) with flying colors.

I’ve only been writing since November 2014 and have learned that this is a great way to expose how corrupt prisons in America can be. I’m 37 years old and my birthday is May 17th, 1980. I also have one sister.

My goal for writing is to bridge the gap that separates prisoners and the community in hopes that it will help further out quest for social justice as we need their support. has been a great platform for doing just that. Since my first story on solitary confinement was published, I’ve received several opportunities to have my writings published in other prison friendly outlets, including the Spring 2016 Issue of XFelonink Magazine, not to mention mail from all over the world. Feel free to view my other online writing as we can use all of your support:

My mom calls me “Nookie” for some strange reason. I was born in Dallas, Texas. I moved to California with my grandma when I was one years old and grew up in East Oakland with my sister and several cousins.

I moved back to Texas in 1998 to stay with my aunt, grandma and cousin. My cousin played NFL football for nine seasons and that was an experience of a lifetime as I was a witness to one of the greatest Super Bowls ever played.

To pass the time, I read, write and study our prison policies and rules. I’m in solitary confinement so my restrictions favor me being an activist on prison abuse. I’ve gotten my GED and passed the college level entry exam. I’m serving 18 years for robbery. I’ve completed close to 7 years and come up for parole in June 2017.

I also have to serve 235 months in federal prison (for felony possession of a firearm and possession of stolen firearms) after I’m granted parole.

My hopes and goals for the future is to take this opportunity of sharing my views to create unity amongst prisoners nationwide and to change prison conditions that are neglected and to also bring awareness to the misconduct we suffer day-in and day-out.

 Jason Walker is serving 18 years in Texas for Aggravated Burglary.

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