All the instructions and great advice my Mother has given me throughout my life has been worn out by the conversations I have now: with people with characters like myself – wicked and profane — and no one else. Even though it’s sad to look at a life misspent, it’s kind of funny how everything my dear mother said, and on occasion preached about, has come to pass. She was right, here I am. Prison.

It’s called the Arkansas Department of Correction. It is not a place of correction at all and/or much less a place for the improvement of a troubled man’s mind. We are simply stored like animals in cages so society can be rid of a troubled mind, but what is created for society after doing time, with no real correction?

Prison is more so a school for the advancement of criminalization. Where crime, corruption and cold-blooded murder is often encouraged, praised and applauded. Where anyone can join in and become part of a violent American hating mob and be considered somewhat significant.

Where white-collar crime will learn from blue-collar crime and vice versa. Where Anhydros Ammonia (methamphetamine) cooks will learn from Red Phosphorus (meth) cooks and vice versa.

Where a person can learn how to make chemically-purified, crystallized cocaine prepared for selling and smoking in a neighborhood near you.

Where is the correction?! This is backwards and it leads toward a worse condition. It deadens, instead of improves, growth and development. There’s no sharpening the skills or abilities to learn, reason and simply to understand life without all this correction – I mean corruption.

The negative input and outcome this has on an already-troubled man’s mind will be misfortunate to not only himself, but also to those he comes in contact with – especially the younger ones he will influence.

Then this same process starts all over again, except for one thing: it has a brand new A.D.C. number.

The system in the Arkansas Department of Corrections is not a solution for the criminal mind. Therefore, if a troubled man’s mind is not part of the solution, it may very well be a major part of a problem that seems to be growing.

James Wallace #113399

Hawkins Unit

PO Box 1010

Wrightsville AK  72183