Jason CooperDear Defeated Candidate,

Me and the boys here at the prison have watched your speeches on the dayroom t.v. and liked what you said about prison reform, especially using the money that’s saved for rehabilitation programs. I know I’m not the only one tired of seeing Big Red get out and come back within a month because there was no help for him when he paroled. I’ve seen him do the revolving door bit three times now, and he’s too ugly to see that often. No, excuse me, Cowboy says it’s been four times.

Anyway, it was a close race and you only needed about 800 votes to win. All of us would have voted for you if we could have. We take that kind of thing seriously. The law, not so much — but the chance to bitch about something and then fix, definitely. Us guys in Cell Block 6 know other inmates all around the state on account of all the “quality” time your opponent has given us to share with each other over the years.

I would just have everyone vote for you, you know, like the unions have their workers do. We don’t have big bucks to throw at you like the special interest groups, with us only making $ 0.08 an hour. But Johnny Boy has taken up a stamp collection so at least we could help save on some of your costs there.

I say you push for a ballot recount. Mousey is hustling signatures for it right now. All the races are coming together on this one. Just like when we all flooded the buildings after the guards beat down Shadow for nothing.

We’re ready and waiting for your word.


Cell Block 6


Jason Cooper #AA2968

RJ Donovan / D20-219 480

480 Alta Road

San Diego, CA 92179