We Weren’t Sentenced To Death So Don’t Kill Us

Well, we managed to go three weeks without a prisoner being infected with Covid 19 at our Michigan correctional facility, which was a milestone. But that didn’t last long. During that same period, several guards tested positive for the virus.

And, since half of the guards refused to take the vaccine,  what do you think happened next? You got it: Today 17 prisoners at our facility tested positive (many for the second time) for Covid 19 — with several tests still pending.

What a surprise, eh?

How absurdly wrong is this? If the prison guards refuse to take the damn vaccine, then keep them from coming to work and killing us.

The only way Covid 19 enters this facility is through its employees.

And if the State does not have the political courage to stop these non-vaccinated carriers-of-death from entering my cage, then the least they can do is quick-test them everyday before work.

Does no one in authority see how stupid this is? Where is our Governor, or our Attorney General? Where is the President of the United States, or his Attorney General? Where are the people in authority who care about us, the most vulnerable and most forgotten population in America?

Hell, if the NFL was able to test entire stadiums full of people before football games, then the State of Michigan–in all its glory–ought to be able to figure out how to test a few of its prison employees instead of allowing them to infect tens of thousands of prisoners. (According to The Marshall  Project, 2/3 of the incarcerated individuals being held by the Michigan Department of Corrections have already been infected.)

What’s the problem, are our lives not worth the money?

And here’s a little more food for thought: If the vast majority of men and women locked away in American and Michigan prisons are black, wouldn’t that mean that black lives DO NOT matter to our government? It sure looks that way.

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