Believe me, when you are in prison, just always remember: hypocrite is everyone’s new name.

In the outside world, allegedly 10% of the population has some type of homosexual leanings. In the prison population, that percentage goes up to 50%. However, many of the inmates will never consider themselves gay or bisexual. They believe if a man performs oral sex on another man, only the one performing is gay. According to prison mentality, the other one is 100% straight. Normal, everyday common sense would say they both were gay, however when you add their hypocritical nature, the inmates do not see it like this.

The Muslims are a complex group. They cannot gamble, receive tattoos, or associate with homosexuals, as that lifestyle is punishable by death. Look in the prison yard and you will see 80% of Muslims gambling and receiving tattoos. I guess Allah and the Koran make exceptions for the Muslim prisoners. And though Muslims believe that homosexuals should be put to death, it does not stop over 25% of Muslims who participate in homosexual activities. I assume that after they say “asalam aleikum,” they deal with their homosexual urges and then place the gays back in the death camp.

Other hidden hypocrites include: the leader of the Aryan brotherhood who hates all blacks, gays, and Hispanics, but in reality is a very secretive child predator the other inmates forgot to check. A tough white guy with a shaved head who claims only “punks” watch Lifetime, and then he hides in his cell room and watches it from there. Oh, how image is everything.