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Dear Prison Writers,

Just wanted you to know that I am excited to share this site with people I know…

Our family went through the whole “intro to prison life” when my 40-year-old husband drove from Texas to Colorado to rob a marijuana dispensary. Dumb move. He’s serving time in Colorado and the rest of us have suffered greatly for it, too.

But I’ve also learned a lot. I’ve been introduced to a world and life that I never, I hate to admit, truly cared about, I guess. Not that I didn’t care about the PEOPLE, but the entire situation of life in prison… it never became an important issue until it came to my family. And if I can be honest, I’m glad that I now give a flip about this often forgotten about segment of our population.

Prisoners lives matter as much as anyone else’s but the rest of us don’t see it that way until it’s OUR loved one, OUR family, OUR life affected. And I’m sorry for how that is. Human nature, I guess. But I am forever changed.

I started writing an extended family member when my husband went in and I’d started writing him. I now write another person serving time in solitary and I find that my heart and mind is more consumed with his well being than most other people in my life.

I am forever changed and for the better. Today, I care deeply about things that never even crossed my radar before, like the affect of solitary confinement on an individual’s mental well being. So, all that to say, keep speaking out. I for one am definitely sharing when I can.

I will always care about how prison sentences affect the lives of so many. I’m not sure what difference I can make but I know I’m making a difference in the two people (in addition to my husband) I care about. At least they know they’ve got a friend out here who cares and I always encourage them.

People like you ARE making a difference and people like me ARE listening. Keep telling your stories. God bless.