I can remember far back at a young age people telling me, because of my anger, that I would end up in prison or dead. And I was seven years old at that time.

My reason for crime, honestly, was and still is for the excitement of it all. As a child, I would root for the villain. I was around people who, at first glance meeting me, would ask if I knew where to buy a gun or drugs. And the sad part is, I did – and this was at age 13. I had an attitude that was if someone tried me, then murder was the only answer. I never liked hanging out with people my age. Most of my friends was in their mid to late 20s. I’ve done robberies amongst other crimes.

The fame of being a criminal was the other attraction. Women love you, there was so much money, going different places at a young age and no one treated me like a child. My decisions was mine and no one could tell me different.

I guess that’s why the gang life interested me so much. And through the ranks I excelled so fast not just because I was the one that would pull a trigger but I had a mind to lead, plan and execute.

I won’t say I’m not a criminal anymore because when I see something on TV my mind automatically sees the quick way I could or can make an easy buck from that situation. But the part that changed for the worst, I also can see how to make the illegal act legal.

In so many ways prison has made me worse.


On October 8, 1998, I was 16 at the time, me and my mother just got into an argument about me staying out of trouble. I was on house arrest and did not want to be, so I left. I was into selling drugs at that time of my life and felt like the world was against me.

I was in my normal area that I always sold drugs. Things were going slower than normal, so I went to the waterfront to see if any people was down there looking for drugs. I came across this girl who was looking for drugs but she had no money. I told her there was nothing I could do for her. No money, no product. She asked me how about a service. So I said, yeah, why not. So we went to an area near some trashcans. She started giving me oral. During the oral I took my eyes off her for a split second and felt something cold on my testicles. When I looked down, she had a knife to me and said, “Where are the drugs?”

I stared at her for a few seconds taking everything in. She asked me again so I told her in my left pocket. When she looked down, I grabbed for her hand with one hand, and I punched her in the face with the other. When I got a hold of the knife, I slashed her arm and told her not to move. I pulled my pants up and kicked her in the face and asked her what the fuck was her problem. She started saying she was sorry, she just needed drugs.

Feelings about the argument I had with my mother, on top of the fact she tried to rob me, just pissed me off and I just started stabbing her repeatedly in the neck and face. When I stop, she was not moving. I ran.

In 2001 there was a warrant out for my arrest for rape, malicious wounding, abduction and robbery.

She said I did all these things to her and now I’m here still fighting.


Corey Perry #1047928

River North Correctional Center

329 Dellbrook Lane

Independence, Va 24348