Many claim the title of “Convict,” but few live up to the Convict Code of Conduct. Convicts are not made, they are born a breed apart.

  1. A true convict is incapable of snitching.
  2. No convict is ever a bully.
  3. The convict’s word is more binding than any contract.
  4. It is a convict’s nature to seek out peaceful compromises whenever possible.
  5. A convict would rather die fighting than live running.
  6. Convicts stand by their friends unto death.
  7. You’ll never see a convict trying to impress anyone; he just does.
  8. Never does a convict choose to lead, others just choose to follow.
  9. Convicts buy what they need before they buy what they want — and what they don’t have, they do without.
  10. All convicts are polite and courteous. They have nothing to prove to anyone.

Anyone who can’t honestly claim to live by this simple code of conduct will never be a convict. He may be a damn good fella and a stand up guy, but he’s not a convict.

Editor’s Note:  For the uninitiated, prisoners use the words “Inmate” and “Convict” to describe two very different types of incarcerated personalities. Read “Convict or Inmate?” for a better understanding of the differences.]

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