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Coping with Stress in Prison

Prison is sometimes quiet. But it is never still. Peace is not the same as silence, and even then, silence is rare. Noise is constant, finding "meaning" in your days is elusive, and coping with stress in prison proves difficult.  Combining [...]

Living With A Prison Con Artist

He's a prison con artist and, for awhile, my cellmate.   The day he moved in, all seemed normal—for about five seconds—until he launched into an obsessive allegation that a female guard forced him to perform oral sex on her. This was followed by lies that a former cellie drugged and raped him.
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Prison Life in A Women’s Prison

Lately, the news has talked about the lavish living conditions of inmates in a women's prison and made comments about so-called “luxuries,” like canteen stores selling smoked oysters. However, these stories do not reflect the reality of prison society.