About Lewis Kelley

Lewis Fauth Kelley is a graduate of Syracuse University, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Political Science. Throughout his various work and volunteer experiences, Lewis has been able to cultivate his wide range of interests in politics, public relations, branding, digital marketing, and social media. Lewis has volunteered his time to the Prison Writers organization, which helps to provide a voice to an underrepresented segment of our society. Lewis has applied his knowledge in branding, SEO, marketing, and social media to help grow the websites readership and volunteer involvement, establishing Prison Writers as a recognizable face within the Prison Reform movement. With an interest in politics and the criminal justice system, Prison Writers as been a rewarding opportunity to for Lewis. He enjoys having the opportunity to share stories for an unrepresented segment of our society. It has been an incredibly rewarding experience for Lewis to have an impact on helping to create change within the criminal justice system. Learn more about Lewis Fauth Kelley on his Professional Overview.