Tyler Metzner

Contributing Writer

I have dealt with mental health issues for a long time being in and out of mental health hospitals. In 2015 I was arrested for yelling and waving a knife around because I am bipolar and I was delusional and in a manic phase. Instead of going to a hospital to get the help I needed, I was brought to jail and placed on suicide watch. At the jail I was treated very poorly being forced to sleep directly on the concrete with no mattress, no pillow and no blanket for multiple nights on multiple different occasions. I was not allowed to have toilet paper, Soap, toothpaste, toothbrush nor take a shower for periods lasting 2-18 days on multiple different occasions. During this time I was in segregation for 153 days in which I deteriorated as I lost my mind and received an additional 53 charges. I was punished for being mentally ill. No one in their right mind goes to jail for misdemeanors and receives 53 additional criminal charges. And at court I was sentenced to 34 years and feel that though they made an example of since there was no permanent damage or any serious injuries.
Then when I got to Dodge Correctional I attempted suicide in which a large number of guards had to stop me. After I was fast tracked through Dodge and sent here at Columbia to get help psychologically, start groups and have more freedom. Instead I have been in isolation since 4/5/16 because the warden says I am a security risk because of my past behavior at the jail. Thank GOD I still have an open appeal and my family was able to hire me an attorney. Though in the meantime I study la with the hope to help myself and possibly help others in the future.

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