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I am 53 years old, serving a 71-year sentence in Indiana for attempted murder and resisting arrest. I was arrested in 2005 at age 43, and I may be released in 2036.

In my former life I owned a land surveying business in Indianapolis, Centurion Surveys LLC, specializing in residential land surveys. I had several employees, including former prisoners hired from the local work release center. In my off time I enjoyed playing golf and traveling overseas, particularly to China.

I’ve kept my mind occupied while in prison. In 2009 I earned a B.G.S. degree from Ball State University, graduating summa cum laude, with minors in History, Anthropology and Sociology. In 2012 I published a self-help legal book titled, Post-Conviction Guidebook: Indiana Edition. It was banned by the IDOC. I sued and won a settlement that allows the book to be sold to Indiana prisoners. Since then I’ve published under the pen name Ivan Denison: Flipping Your Conviction (2013), Flipping Your Habe (2014), and The Essential Supreme Court Cases (2015). I stay busy assisting other prisoners as a legal lay advocate on a variety of criminal and civil matters. 

He can receive mail at:

Ty Evans #158293

Indiana Correctional Facility

1 Park Row

Michigan City, IN


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