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Tracy Lee Kendall

Tracy Lee Kendall was born in Torrance, CA, but grew up all over Oklahoma and Texas. He comes from a varied background, both situationally (from Gifted and Talented student to the streets to criminal to the music and entertainment industry to prison — and everything in between) and culturally (raised by various people growing up (Anglo, Jewish, Native American, Italian, Hispanic) and close relations with about every culture and race in the U.S. as well as some outside.

Tracy’s current incarnation is as a writer (which has been an interest from early in his life) of various types and as a social activist — working to encourage charitable causes as well as prison reform, with the goal of transforming the Texas prison system into one of rehabilitation, producing compassionate and useful members of society, rather than the tremendous waste of tax payer’s resources it is today operating in a manner which encourages corruption and deceit. Exposing the truth from prison life to administrative practices and offering rational alternatives is his current tool.

His other activities include volunteering with a group of prisoners with chronic and terminal illnesses, facilitating an Eastern religions class, and teaching classes for other prisoners regarding staying healthy in prison, avoiding predators, and what to do in the event that a sexual assault occurs.


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He's a prison con artist and, for awhile, my cellmate.   The day he moved in, all seemed normal—for about five seconds—until he launched into an obsessive allegation that a female guard forced him to perform oral sex on her. This was followed by lies that a former cellie drugged and raped him.
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Here, "normal," i.e. civil, is as alien to prisoners as criminal activity is to decent people. Therefore, it is difficult to embrace change when it could result in being attacked or harmed in other ways.
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