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Sheldon Preston Johnson was born on May 6, 1975 at Mount Sinai hospital. His mother is from Italy and his father is African-Native American. Both his parents are deaf mutes. They cannot hear or talk.

Sheldon grew up on 112th Street and Fifth Avenue, right on the border dividing the East from the West side of Harlem.

He admits growing up angry and confused. He was ridiculed by his peers because his mother is White and his parents are handicapped.

As a child, Sheldon believed he was adopted and did stupid things to be accepted by his peers, but mostly to be HEARD, by a mother who couldn’t HEAR him.

Most of his adolescence was spent in some institution or another. In 1997 he was arrested, he rejected a plea offer and proceeded to trial, based upon inaccurate sentencing information provided by his attorney. After trial, he was sentenced to 50 years for two robberies.

Sheldon voices that he had choices, choices that were clouded by rage, hate, alcohol, fear, drugs and twisted/misplaced ideologies. Sadly, it took the reality of a civil death sentence, to have an epiphany – that he MUST CHANGE. He blames no one and accepts responsibility for the ignorance he perpetuated.

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Sheldon is now enrolled in Cornell’s prison college program and he participates in Phoenix Players Theater group. He is president of the Lifer’s Organization, under which he instituted a Book Club, Parole Presentation Class and Auburn Monk’s Poetry Class. In April of 2012, Sheldon was applauded by the Albany Times Union for his lead in Macbeth.

Sheldon hopes to one day be released and become a voice for the disenfranchised. Until then, he will continue to be a Contributing Writer for Prison Writers, which has created a much needed forum for the issues, thoughts and expressions of over 2 million incarcerated men and women in America.

 Sheldon Johnson is serving 50 years in New York for 1st and 2nd degree robbery.

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