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Shavez Holden2Shavez Holden is an inmate in the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. He is serving a 20-40 year sentence for 3rd degree murder. He has been incarcerated since November 1998.

His friends and associates affectionately call him “S Class.”

Born November 20, 1979, raised in a single parent home by a loving, caring mother in South Philadelphia. With an exceptional intellect and apparent enormous level of intelligence, Shavez probably could have legitimately been whatever he so desired in life if he only had the patience. But he chose to forego the formal way of life and decided he was more interested in the immediate gratification of the street life. But that was a long time ago and he has outgrown that immature criminal-minded youth and has developed into a goal-oriented, self-educated man.

Shavez is currently studying to become a paralegal. He is currently enrolled in the Blackstone Career Institute and received the paralegal certificate in 2016.

Shavez likes to play chess, weight train/exercise, read, and study and research law as hobbies.

He hopes that will shed light on the darkness coming from inside our nations prison walls and gates. He hopes it will give the people the illumination needed for them to see that rehabilitation is nearly non-existent in the current system.

Shavez can be contacted by writing:

Shavez Holden #EF-5888

S.C.I. Forest

Marienville, PA 16239

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