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Paul BrownI was born and raised in the S.E. section of Washington DC. It was a rough place to grow up. We were very poor, but our family, until recently, has always been close.

I have a younger brother (Patrick) and sister (Pam). Our mother (Gloria) is our anchor and has always loved us more than her own life. I’ve never met my father.

I’m an avid runner and have been since age 11, running for the school track team. Although at my age, knee and hip pain have slowed me considerably. I stay active doing calisthenics, yoga and other low-impact exercises. I love to read and I love to write.

I’ve been convicted of 1st degree murder and sentenced to death. I’ve also done time in the state of Virginia for assault. It’s been an arduous journey and it seems that I’ve only begun to truly live after being condemned to die.

My hope is to be beneficial to others and to touch lives, whether with action or through my words. Otherwise, I ask nothing of life.

I believe can help prisoners and society as well. Firstly, by viewing prisoners as human beings. The goal of the prison system is to strip us of our humanity and this is constantly reinforced. However, to rob someone of their humanity does not raise the status of the one doing the demeaning.

It is a blot against their souls. It is important that the public be made aware of what goes on in prisons; what is done to us is done in their names.

There’s a reason why executions are carried out in the dead of night. They are experimenting with drugs to kill people, similar to what went on in Nazi Germany.

There’s a reason why cameras are generally forbidden inside of prisons. It’s because people would be horrified. We are dealing with human warehousing on a massive scale. Human misery and exploitation are an industry. It is disgraceful to anyone of conscience.

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People have opinions about prisons and prisoners in American based mostly on political rhetoric and conjecture. can serve the public interest by airing our stories and thereby giving the public the opportunity to have more informed opinions. It also helps prisoners by giving us a way to express ourselves in a constructive and responsible manner. It is a great humanitarian effort, one that is needed.

Paul Brown has been on Death Row in North Carolina since 2000 for 1st degree murder.

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