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People call me “Mafioso.” I’m 33 years old. My ethnicity is a mixture of Mexican, Puerto Rican and Native American. I grew up back and forth between family members in California and Oregon. I was taken away from my mother at birth because she was using speed during her pregnancy. I never met her as she was always in and out of prison. And my father, he just never bothered coming around. Thankfully, my grandmother and older cousins were always there when they could be.

Currenty I am finishing up a 63-month prison sentence for bank robbery. Other charges such as “gang leadership, felon in possession of firearm, discharging a firearm in city limits, strong armed robbery and attempted murder were mentioned against me, but there was only evidence to tie me to a bank robbery.

What I do to pass the time in here… I lift weights and do cardio 5 days a week, I get involved in parenting classes and college courses, I read educational books, and I write a lot of poetry. Another hobby of mind is getting tattooed.

My release date is August 10th, 2015 so I’ve been busy staying involved in pre-release classes to try and educate myself on resources available to me upon release.

Because I pride myself on keeping it real, my goals include doing what I have to do to be in my daughter’s life, because real people do real things. I plan on continuing parenting classes, going to community college and most definitely contributing my time and efforts towards and staying connected with the bosses.

Only people who have done prison time know the truth about life on this side of the wall… and is giving us a chance to use our voice.

Please contact me and I will answer all letters.

Marcellus Smith #73303-065

U.S. Penitentiary Canaan

PO Box 300

Waymart, PA 18472

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