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Lorie Longoria Courtesy of Lorie Longoria, seen here skydiving.

My hometown is Houston, Texas. I was born on June 14, 1970 to a very dysfunctional family. I am a single mother of two.

Since I have been incarcerated, I have created a cancer support group called SOLLS (Sisters of Love, Life and Strength) to let the women know they are not alone in their fight. I have started doing Yoga from the Prison Yoga Projected by James Fox, which is completely AMAZING!

I am currently serving a 20-year sentence for 3 DWIs. My whole life has been about alcohol and drugs. However, my surrender date is 12-2-12.This is when I said “I am second” from IAMSECOND.com.

My plans are to start over in Houston upon leaving prison. Before I came to prison I was in Auto Sales, so I’m sure I will look for something in sales.

I hope to become a Recovery/Life Coach to help my brothers and sisters still struggling in their addiction and those on the streets.

As for PrisonWriters.com, I hope to be as candid as possible to contribute to making a positive impact within our prison system and for our readers.

 Lorie Longoria is serving 20 years in prison for 3 DWIs. 

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