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A PEN Award winning essayist and educator, Leonard Andre Scovens, Jr. co-wrote the 2014 Writer's Digest Self Published Book Award winner, Wildflowers in the Median, which has been adapted into a play touring the southern U.S. [The book was co-authored with Agnes Fury, the mother and granddaughter of Leonard Scoven's two victims.]

Leonard also created the Higher Ground Workshop Series and co-founded Achieve Higher Ground, a non-profit restorative justice service provider in Florida.

To contact Leonard Scovens, please write to:

Leonard Scovens #165908

Dade Correctional Institute

19000 SW 337th St

Florida City, FL  33034

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Who Guards the Guards?

Sergeant McKay* was passing out the food trays, sliding the trays through the slot in our metal doors. Every convict on the confinement tier knew you just don't ask Sergeant McKay to pass your food tray to someone else for you. Everyone knew that except Ray "Noodles."
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VIDEO: The Brutal Truth About A Brutal Crime

Agnes Fury is the mother and grandmother of author Leonard Scoven’s two victims. Years ago, she contacted Scovens in prison to find answers and closure. Amazingly, their relationship turned into a friendship after the two corresponded for years — before the two published a book together about restoration and forgiveness, called Wildflowers in the Median. (!)