This is Jason Moore’s bio, in his own words:

Jason MooreMy name is Jason Moore. I am a 31-year-old man from Lansing, Michigan. I was raised there between my mother and father who separated when I was very young. I have two siblings (brother and sister) and I am the father of two beautiful girls.

My family was a good, loving family, though we often struggled because of poverty. Growing up I was something of a delinquent and rebel, always getting myself into trouble. As I grew, so did my poor choices, and in 2009 I was sent to prison. Currently I’m serving a 15-year sentence for armed robbery. I have nine years left on my minimum and, God willing, I will taste freedom in 2024.

I try to keep myself occupied with music (classical and heavy metal), drawing, reading and creative writing. Over the last few years, I’ve come to realize that prison does not supply adequate educational programs for reform, so I spend a lot of my time educating and reforming myself.

My goals and plans include getting out of prison on my first parole date and attending college for business management. My hopes for is that it will open the eyes, minds, and hearts of a generally clueless and uncaring society, meanwhile giving a voice to those who are largely forgotten.

  Jason Moore is serving a 15 year sentence in for Armed Robbery.