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2021-03-09T08:55:10-05:00Daily Survival|

Prison Life in A Women’s Prison

Lately, the news has talked about the lavish living conditions of inmates in a women's prison and made comments about so-called “luxuries,” like canteen stores selling smoked oysters. However, these stories do not reflect the reality of prison society.
2020-11-06T17:20:09-05:00Daily Survival|

Dear Drugs

Dear Drugs, I have been free of you only a few weeks and my mind is just clear enough to know I miss you. Every day I remember how I felt when I was yours and I think maybe it was [...]

How To Survive in a Women’s Prison

Our doctors look like Doogie Howser and approach patients like a short order cook does breakfast. It’s easy to believe we’re part of some unknown experiment. I often have visions of us all being like Jeff Goldblum in “The Fly” -- sitting around coughing out our teeth and morphing into something grotesque.
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