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Derek T acting - Version 2Derek grew up in the West end of Louisville in a biracial family. Raised by bricklayers, he spent his childhood learning masonry skills from his mother and father.

Derek enjoys reading and he learned to express himself while studying playwriting [in prison, at Northpoint Training Center through a program called Voices Inside/Out, created by Pioneer Playhouse and cofounded by director and screenwriter] Robby Henson, also the Managing Director of Pioneer Playhouse, Kentucky’s oldest outdoor theater.

[Voices Inside/Out offers weekly playwriting classes to prisoners at Northpoint Training Center in Kentucky. “Participants write ten-minute plays, complete with draft readings, the usual parade of revisions, and performances for each other. At the end of August, the best of the inmate-authored pieces are performed for the rest of Northpoint, with all acting done by inmates and a few guest artists from Pioneer. A professional performance by Pioneer actors is also staged at Northpoint each summer. For more information, check out Voices Inside/Out.]

[Derek failed to mention that his short play, Conviction, won Best Drama in PEN’s 2013 Prison Writing Contest and was performed in front of Northpoint’s general population, as part of the Voices Inside/Out program.] 

Trumbo plans to one day have his plays produced worldwide and is fortunate to have found an outlet such as which presents a forum allowing awareness of circumstances surrounding those who are incarcerated. Silence is no longer acceptable.

After a hung jury in his first trial for sexual abuse of his stepdaughter, Derek Trumbo was found guilty in his second trial, based on the girl’s testimony. He has spent the past decade proclaiming his innocence and appealing his conviction.

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