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David Valdez 2I was raised in a stable two-parent middle-class household in the city of Downey, California, which, from the early 70s until the time of my arrest, was a mostly conservative, white community. I had a wonderful childhood, spoiled by an overbearing, overprotective and loving mother, and I had an outstanding relationship with my father. We used to play baseball daily in our driveway once he got off work. He was always available to help me with homework at night when needed. We did many father-son things together, like go fishing or exercise/workout at the gym. He was always available to help me in my time of need, like the first time I moved out at age 20.

Both my parents worked for decades at the same company. Because of this, I developed a good work ethic and was taught the value of money and decent morals/ethics regarding earning an honest living. As all parents may have defects of character, my father was a stable married man and father, but he was also a womanizer and a functioning alcoholic. He also appreciated and owned fast cars. I followed in his footsteps, modeling my behavior after his. I have a younger brother (we are seven years apart). I took him everywhere with me growing up, but he turned out different—the total opposite of my father and I. He was more reserved, introverted, and was not a drinker or a womanizer.

As a free man, I was a workaholic, and pushed for higher success, finding it difficult to appreciate the moment. I was constantly trying to outdo my last success and always had an intense fear of failing. Alcohol numbed my feeling of despair/anxiety and, unfortunately, I did not make the best judgments.

Whenever I caught a break from the monotony of work, I loved going to the beach to sit in a lawn chair and drink a cold beer, watching everything going on around me. I enjoyed checking out different restaurants, searching for the best Mexican food in Los Angeles. Just when I thought I found the best, I would find a better place which served some of my favorite dishes—beef enchiladas, carne asada, carnitas, soft tacos, or the best authentic nachos with plenty of cheese, jalapenos, chili beans, and olives.

I never had a prior juvenile or adult arrest/conviction history. Having grown up in a stable family in a good neighborhood, I was shielded from associating with juvenile delinquents. I recognize that the year before my arrest, I associated more with criminal characters and became exposed to criminal thinking by hanging out in nightclubs/rave parties as a part of my job. I began to lose my values and develop an attitude of wanting to achieve success quickly rather than taking the longer road to earn it. Success and fame/money changed me into a selfish individual who was only looking out for himself. I was not able to handle “celebrity” status at such a young age.

Recognizing the “triggers” which put me in prison and how I was not able to handle my anger appropriately, I have full clarity now on how to make better choices and decisions in life and I plan to be released, start a family, and take care of my elderly parents. I desire to live a simple life, not in the public eye. I value women now and will always be a faithful and dependable husband.

T. David Valdez is serving 27 years to LIFE in California for conspiracy to commit murder. 

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