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My name is Christine Kay White and I was born in Denver, CO on October 26th 1977. I was adopted about a week later by my wonderful parents and big brother—and now best friend—who tried to put me in his backpack “for show and tell.” I had a great childhood growing up in Colorado, New York, and Texas. My father, who was free-spirited and young at heart, passed away when I was 13. My mom is truly amazing—the strongest women I have ever known.

Before I got myself into this mess I was a college student with a 3.7 GPA and had just gone through a divorce. I enjoy reading, gardening, playing pool, fishing, NASCAR, and NFL football (Broncos & Cowboys, baby!). I especially loved spending time with my three children. I love animals, nature, and the ocean. Unfortunately, I also loved to drink.

In January 2013, a month after my divorce was final, I was arrested, charged with aggravated robbery, and then sentenced to 20 years. I am currently waiting for word on my appeal because while I am guilty of theft, I am not guilty of aggravated robbery. I have one prior felony for possession of marijuana and two prior misdemeanors. Even though I did not physically harm anyone, I am truly sorry for any emotional trauma I caused. This is my first and last time in prison.

Upon my release I will be the best mom I can be to my kids, stay 100% sober, and never take my family or freedom for granted again. I plan to finish my degree, make several positive contributions to society, and serve the Lord in any way I can. I look forward to assisting Prison Writers bring about much needed change to a damaged and corrupt prison system. First up on my list would be to address inhumane treatment of “offenders,” inadequate medical care, preventable deaths, as well as horrible living conditions.

  Christine White is serving 20 years in Texas for Aggravated Robbery. 

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