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dankovich-000I was 15-years old when I got locked up. I had recently completed 8th grade in Rochester Hills, Michigan.  I was 16-years old when I was sentenced to a minimum of 25 years in prison for 2nd Degree Murder.

Two of my redeeming qualities from back then were that I was an honor-role student and pretty good at photography.

I was a good kid in a bad situation who became a scared kid that wanted to save the world, or at least get away from the person who made me hate it.

I’ve spent 10 years in prison and have grown into someone I’m now proud to be. I still have a minimum of 15 years left to serve – which is the same number of years I’ve lived on the outside.

Since my incarceration I’ve earned the equivalent of a high school diploma, my Associate’s Degree, taught high school level math and social studies for 5 years, took a culinary arts trade class and have helped teach it for a year now…

I’ve learned basic carpentry skill, how to draw, play guitar, design and create leather belts and purses, started to learn Hebrew and Spanish before that was stopped.

My dream is to someday become a professional writer or designer. My hope for is that it can bring attention, and hopefully, reform, to the incarceration of children as adults across the United States.

Chris Dankovich is a tutor, a teacher, a writer and an artist who has been incarcerated for the past ten years, since he was 15 years old.

Chris Dankovich is serving 25-37 years in Michigan for murdering his mother when he was 15 years old.

He has previously won a PEN and a Vidahlia Press award for writing, and has been published by the Harvard Educational Review, The Periphery Magazine, and has been accepted by FENCE Magazine.

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