Chase Burnett

Contributing Writer

This is Chase Burnett’s bio, in his own words:

Courtesy: Chase Burnett

My name is Chase Burnett and I grew up in the upstate New York area (Utica & Frankfurt, NY to be exact), in a big house with two younger brothers and a younger sister. I was one of the lucky ones, raised by two loving parents who are still together today (48 years after my birth).

Being a Pisces (born March 19, 1967), I’ve always been a writer too. Writing is actually my passion, and is what I spend most of my time doing. I find it is when I can be most at peace. The only other hobby I have and like to spend time on is my painting—that is where my imagination runs free.

I’m presently doing time for writing bad checks on my own personal checking account (stupid, right?), but if I make my next board I might be able to go home in the spring of 2016.

Should I go home then, I still plan to keep in contact with Prison Writers because I have a wealth of personal experiences. There are things I’ve seen others go through in prison that I feel could help or be of value to other prisoners and their families, especially in coping with prison life and the anxieties that come with it. Plus I feel that there is a lot about prison life that the outside world does not know about, but should. I feel Prison Writers is the “voice” that prisoners have been missing for so long, and I’d like to be a part of this new voice for a long time to come.

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