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I was born November 19, 1979 in Anaheim, California. My mother was an alcoholic before, during, and after both me and my brother were born. She left us at ages 2 and 3, respectively, leaving us with an abusive father. We bounced from place to place with him, mostly living with my grandparents in Tucson, Arizona. I guess that’s where I consider home. I pass my time I love to read, write, and draw. I am very creative and I’m currently teaching myself to read books and movie scripts. I came to prison for a burglary charge but stayed in prison when I was convicted of second-degree murder when I was involved in an assault on an inmate that resulted in his death. I have been blessed enough to be eligible for parole and release from prison sometime between now and August of 2023. Prison has shown me what I want from life after prison, and my hopes and goals are actually very simple. I love to find a good woman, get married, have a couple of kids and never take my freedom for granted again. I’d love to have a positive impact on prison life and hope that can spark a conversation and begin to change the “revolving door” policy in the big business that is this country’s “correction” system.


Solitary Watch has a terrific FAQ page for all your questions on solitary confinement.


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My Crime: Brad Simpson

The reason this moment is different than normal: I have a warrant (that’s normal), I’m driving without any ID on me (that’s normal), and I have 10,000 ecstasy pills in the trunk of my car (that’s new!).