Aleksandr Kolpakov

Contributing Writer

Aleksandr Kolpakov was born in 1988 in the Soviet Union before moving to the US in his teens. He travelled through Europe and Asia in his youth while his stepfather was in the Peace Corps, then later served as a soldier for the US Army and National Guard. With English as his second language, he is a secular humanist, voracious vegan and avid feminist.
In 2017 he began serving a 40 year sentence in Colorado for manslaughter and assault with a deadly weapon (consecutive charges). He committed his crime against his polyamorous partner Heather Anable while psychotic, under the influence of magic mushrooms.
Since his crime Aleksandr devotes his life to the causes of human and animal rights, hopes to earn a Psychology degree, and currently teaches meditation to fellow inmates at Buena Vista Correctional Facility. After his sentence, he hopes to one day run an animal sanctuary with his soulmate Laura Athena.

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