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Adam Roberts
Adam Roberts, a near graduate of Syracuse University, completed his bachelor’s degree from a cell in Attica state penitentiary. He is serving 25-to-Life for murder and goes before the parole board in 2024.

In addition to spending time with his family and friends, Adam fills his days with purpose by working as a peer counselor and engaging in creative pursuits such as drawing, painting and writing narrative nonfiction. Having spent four years in the Attica Writers’ Workshop, he now hopes to earn a master’s degree in literature. You can see him, along with the entire cast of Phoenix Players at Phoenix Players at Auburn.

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2020-02-09T06:29:44-05:00Going to Prison|

Going to Prison for Life

Courtesy Adam Roberts It's hard to endure the first day in a new prison, whichever it may be, Auburn or Attica, even for someone who has over eighteen years in. You don't know where anything is, no one knows [...]