First Place Winner:

Chris Dankovich | Story: Growing Up In Prison

Second Place Winner

Sheldon Johnson  | Story:  Father in Prison Steps Up After His 14-Year Old Son Kills a Columbia Student

Third Place Winner (3-WAY TIE):

Jermaine Archer | StoryAfter Guards Beat Him Up, This “Lifer” Takes Life Into His Own Hands

Paul Anthony Brown | Story:  What ‘Life’ Is Like on Death Row

Denis Martinez  | Story:  Penile Implants in Prison Cost About $40

Top 20 Winners:

Jonathan Benson  | StoryBreaking Bad:  Meth-Selling Prison Guard Now A Prisoner Himself   

Valerie Baker | StoryI Was Born With Heroin, Meth, LSD and Alcohol In My System

Kevin Boyd | Story:  Mom Kills Dad and This 16-year old Gets Life Without Parole 

Chase Burnett | Story:  I Was Raped by A Prison Guard                

Joseph Dole | Story:  The 3 Top Killers in Prison                          

Danny Harris | Story:  The Gross Things Prisoners Do 

Benny Hernandez III | Story:  Killer Heat in Texas Prisons Puts Lives at Risk         

Tracy Lee Kendall | Story:  Thanks to One Prisoner Dying of AIDS, Other Terminally Ill Prisoners Now Have Hope 

Dorothy Maraglino | Story:  Having a Baby in Prison                             

Saul Martinez | Story:  Current Prison Policies Feed Prison Gangs, Says This Former Gang Member

Charles Norman | Story:  Fighting the Ninja: Sex in Prison 

Brad Simpson | Story:  Solitary Confinement Will Make You A Little Crazy. Period.

J.S. Slaymaker | Story:  Want A Penile Implant for Cheap? 

Marcellus Smith | StoryIncarcerated at 8                                               

Derek Trumbo | StoryWas Medical Neglect The Cause of Kentucky’s Prison Riot?           

David Valdez | Story: Cellmates from Hell                                    

Edwin Garcia | StoryMentally Ill in Prison ARE Abused