A Prisoner Writes: Here Is Why Solitary Confinement is Torture

A Look Inside Solitary Confinement in Texas: The Legal Practice of Mental and Psychological Torture the CIA Way – from the War on Terror to the War on Prisoners (with some personal stories towards the end) by Jason R. Walker Mainstream media, the outside public, and the average layperson have no idea what goes on in the prison system that [...]

A Decade Spent in Supermax Solitary

Tamms was allegedly opened as a sort of "shock-treatment" for violent inmates and gang leaders. If the inmate behaved he was supposed to be transferred out after a year. This never occurred, though.

Getting Parole Is A Sham In Texas

By: J.S. Slaymaker, Contributing Writer The best thing about being in prison is getting out. To do that, an inmate has two options, aside from dying while inside. The first is to serve it out in full, day for day. The second is get out early on parole. And to do that, you have to "act right" and accumulate enough [...]

Prison Gangs: Here’s Why We Fight

By: Justin Hightower, Contributing Writer 2010 was mid-roar. Springtime in Greenhaven [Correctional Facility] was marked by an uptick in gang violence. The night of June 10th could have been a case study. Under a sky so blue not a contrail drifted, iron weights rose and fell above the freshly cutgrass. On the court, facedown in an ever-blossoming pool of blood, [...]

I Was A Witness To Murder At Age 10

By: Paul Anthony Brown, Contributing Writer Courtesy of Paul Brown In the ghetto, there’s lots of improvisation. As young boys, we were very active and had loads of energy. We liked to play baseball, but lacked the equipment. No problem. For a bat, we used a broken broom handle. An old fuzzy lime green tennis ball served as [...]

Here’s How The Escaped NY Convicts Could’ve Manipulated Joyce Mitchell

By: Jeremy Farler, Contributing Writer “Man, this shit is loose up there. One of these bitches is gonna go, but I think it might have to be a white guy.” I can still remember my friend Drew’s face when he said those words to me, an excited, almost giddy expression that rarely graces the face of any incarcerated prisoner. Drew was [...]

I’m A Hardcore Criminal Who’s Probably Better Off In Prison

By: Daniel Harris, Contributing Writer If marijuana is a gateway drug, as some suppose, then the laws that make it illegal are the keys to the gate... and it's a prison gate. Everyone that smokes a joint, even future presidents, break the law.  For some, it's a first step on a slippery slope. Some of us never get off. Once you [...]

A Prisoner Speaks Out: Mentally Ill Prisoners Are Abused In Texas

By: Fabian Campos, Contributing Writer In one sense, prisoners with mental disabilities have the same needs as everybody else. But in a crucial sense, our situation is dramatically different.  Let me tell you about it. In Texas, they put the MH/MR [mental health/mental retardation] inmates in the Skyview Unit, the Bill Clements Unit, and the Monford Unit. I am in [...]

Gang Life: One Crazy-Ass Night of Murder, Drugs, AK47s, and more…

By: Carlos Mendoz, Contributing Writer I was in my car waiting on King X [a high-level NY gang leader, not his real name] to call me with the address for me to go to with the money. While I was waiting, one of my men called to tell me the work is “low” and that I would need to send [...]

Remember Amy Preasmyer? She Writes Us From Solitary

By: Amy Preasmyer, Contributing Writer I am once again faced with the abusive conditions in which Ad-Seg [Administrative Segregation, a form of solitary] has a legacy. It’s a place where protocols are swept under the rug and CDCR’s [California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation] performances are clearly inhumane and ineffective, evidenced by the increase in serious rule violation reports (115s). Don’t get [...]

I Was Repeatedly Raped In Prison

By: Thomas Guerra, Contributing Writer The story of my life in prison started in November of 2010.  I came to prison for the first time in my entire life. When I first got to prison I was scared to death that I would never make it out prison alive.  The first two weeks that I was in prison went pretty [...]

Prison Guards Gas Prisoners for Fun

By: Jason Walker, Contributing Writer In Texas Prisons, guards are notorious for beating, killing, and harassing prisoners. They also set up prisoners to be attacked by other prisoners while handcuffed from behind, and they're even known to assist prisoners in committing suicide, even when the prisoner has no intentions of doing such thing. These cruel practices are so common in solitary [...]

Death in Prison: The Top 3 Killers

By: Joseph Dole II, Contributing Writer Due to the media’s distortion of prison life and the people incarcerated there, most of society envisions Illinois “max joints” to be a milieu of nonstop rape and murder. Admittedly, there is a lot of fighting among inmates, but there's little raping or killing between inmates.  That is not to say that death in [...]

Transexual: “I Was Raped By a Prison Guard”

By: Chase Burnett, Contributing Writer The alarm went off, signaling that once again the prison was about to be shut down and placed on lock-down because of the major fights going on between rivaling gangs within the prison walls. Which meant once again the inmates NOT involved in such violence were about to be punished right along with the ones [...]

Terrifying Report On Prison Gangs in Florida From A “Lifer” Who’s Seen It All

By: Charles Norman, Contributing Writer Two young men recently asked me, “What gang are you in?” “I’m in a one-man gang,” I said. “The Norman gang.” I am an “old-timer.” The fact that I have survived over 36 years in Florida’s worst prisons without compromising  my principles is a matter of awe to other prisoners, most of whom weren’t even [...]

Prison Guard Kills Inmate … And Walks.

BY ARTHUR LONGWORTH (bio)   “Stop fighting!” The tower guard is yelling. He’s out on the catwalk of the nearest tower, rifle up. His voice isn’t as urgent, not as commanding as it could be, as it has been on other occasions. The fight he’s looking down on isn’t serious. Kind of lame, actually. Courtesy of Arthur Longworth On [...]

A Ex-Cop In Prison On The “Us Versus Them” Attitude in Law Enforcement

BY EDWIN GARCIA As a former cop, I understand that the demands and stress of the "job" forces a person to change in order to do their duties. But this same survival mechanism also can and does lead to the type of incidents that have been taking over the news. The general public just does not understand that there is [...]

Only In Prison: Silencing The Sound of Stabbing

BY TY EVANS If you woke in the middle of the night and heard your neighbor being robbed, you could hear that he was about to be stabbed, and anticipated that he would soon be screaming... would you put in earplugs and roil back to sleep? That’s what I did one night last month. It’s the screaming that’s the unnerving [...]

What Hope is There For A Convicted Man in Prison Who Wants To Report Illegal Activity?

BY VICTOR BECERRA As a society, we are supposed to notify the authorities when we see someone committing a crime. But what are we as a society to do when those committing crimes are the same people who are supposed to enforce the law? We all have seen the recent police brutality videos and killings of unarmed minorities by police. [...]

How I Earned A “White Flower” in Prison

BY PAUL GARDNER Courtesy, Paul Gardner Here I was, months into a jail sentence that was going to be the beginning of my prison sentence. I had no idea how many years I was going to get in the slammer this time. The fact that I was still in jail after so many months is testimony to the [...]

Solitary Confinement For More Than A Decade — And Fighting Back

BY C.F. VILLA On July 1, 2011, California prisoners launched a massive hunger strike to call attention to what we were all forced to endure: inhumane conditions in solitary confinement in California's Special Housing Units (SHU’s). The physical and psychological torture that the California prison system had been subjecting us to finally reached an intolerable peak. And even though wardens [...]

How Corrupt Prison Guards Add Time To An Inmate’s Sentence

BY JUSTIN HIGHTOWER YOU OVERSLEPT. So you are rushing. Maybe to a call-out or program. You throw on your greens. Lace up your boots. A buzzer screams, long and grating. You glance warily around your cell; you may have forgotten something. You are rushing. Ordinarily, the low and narrow halls are tightly packed and teeming greenly with bald-headed cons calling [...]

Prisoner Reports: Inmate Left To Die on Cell Floor After Being Gassed

BY JASON WALKER Courtesy of Jason Walker While this Texas prison, Clements Unit, has well over one-thousand documented mentally ill prisoners, its not considered a psych unit at all. In fact it has one small ward that has a program for mental health patients and that’s it. Very rarely do you find a prison guard or medical staff [...]

Corrupt Prison Guards

  BY CHARLES SELBY For three decades, I have witnessed countless occasions in which Emergency Response Teams are assembled to carry out chemical cell extractions of disruptive prisoners, in this case an African-American prisoner. Equally-hued guards are dissuaded by the more enthusiastic white guards from suiting up for the occasion. Of course the non-white guards are not offended by their [...]

There’s An Eerie Calm Before An Eruption of Prison Violence

BY CHASE BURNETT Courtesy: Chase Burnett One of the most dangerous places in the whole prison system is the outside recreational area, known as "The Big Yard" or "Outside Rec." It is here that the whole prison population is allowed to be in one area at the same time and it’s the place where the guards are definitely [...]

Prisoners Killing Other Prisoners: A True Story

BY SIDNEY P. MARTIN It was a hot June afternoon at Lawrenceville Correctional Center in Lawrenceville, Virginia. Everybody was going to the yard for recreation. It was around 2:30 p.m. Now at Lawrenceville there are six different buildings that house inmates and each building has three pods. So when they call recreation you can go from one pod to another [...]

What Would My Old Friend Willie Sutton Say About Today’s Prisons?

BY JOHN RUZAS The sun was a brilliant orange ball dropping slowly behind the Adirondack mountain range. As far as the eye could see, spring had dressed the landscape in shades of green, and the scent of fresh cut grass paid a welcomed visit to my four gallery perch.  It was the kind of late May day that makes a [...]

My Crime: Tracy Lee Kendall

BY TRACY LEE KENDALL, Contributing Writer Courtesy, Tracy Lee Kendall I started stealing when I was 4, from yards and shoplifting. I don’t know where I learned it, but I knew it was wrong. Oddly, the Darrington Unit I’m on now is close to Dickinson, TX where I was at that age. I stole mostly toys and mail. [...]

I Was Tortured In America

BY MUSTAFA ZULU   Courtesy Mustafa Zulu Throughout my 22 years of incarceration, I've survived many shades of torture. My most horrible experience was in 1995, in the federal prison Terre Haute, Indiana. During a violent clash between two groups of inmates, a guard got badly hurt attempting to break up the mess. Fifteen of us were thrown [...]

Murder On The Road To ADX Supermax

BY MUSTAFA ZULU "Pack your panties ladies!" I remember the prison guard yelling, while banging on the cell bars with his baton. "I've got two tickets to hell with your guys’ names on them." "Get your fat, greasy, low-life ass on somewhere pig!" My cellie yelled back from the bottom bunk, half asleep and still half stoned off the weed [...]

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