When a Bump On The Head is Just a Bump

I said everything I could to get the Safe Prisons Sergeant to believe that what had actually happened was the truth, but no one seemed to care.

I’m Getting Out of Prison in 5 Weeks

BY MATTHEW MUNIZ Five more weeks. Five more weeks of stress, curiosity and mental abuse by staff. Five more weeks of unanswered questions, nail-biting and anxiety. Five more weeks of dreams interrupted by every scenario imaginable to man. Five more weeks until I get to go “Home.” Yet, I’ve never been to this “home.” Hell, I’ve never even been to [...]

The One Thing Nobody Knows About Prison

By: Brad Simpson, Contributing Writer The one thing nobody knows about prison is that it can be fun. SAY WHAT?? I know you weren't expecting that, but it's true. Now I don't mean fun like a day at the water park, but more like an adults-only obstacle course type fun. If that makes any sense. Let me see if I [...]

The Aliens Within Us

BY TRACY LEE KENDALL, Contributing Writer Courtesy, Tracy Lee Kendall In 1979, I was 5 years old and living in Dickinson, Texas. That year, my father took me to see the movie, "Alien.” Fortunately, my father would not let me cover my eyes during the gruesome scenes. I guess a boy needs to learn the dangers that pissed [...]

Convict or Inmate? (There’s a huge difference, by the way.)

By JOHN SANDERS Convict or Inmate?  First of all, the two are definitely not, in any way, synonymous. The first is a state of being – and describes who you inherently are. The second is a being of the state – and describes who you are told you should be. AN INMATE: Is a being of the state, put into an institution with a [...]

My First Two Months Out of Prison…

BY MATTHEW MUNIZ After almost two months of being free… I sometimes wish I was still locked up… there’s was a lot less things to worry about and I didn’t have to deal with so much shit. I have moved up in the world a little bit… I was homeless for a couple of weeks, living in a homeless shelter, [...]

Too Much Information: The Prison Grapevine

Courtesy: Matthew Walker BY MATTHEW WALKER Guards say you can never have enough security. Inmates say you can never have enough information. That's the most important part of adjusting to prison life. Imagine newly walking into a prison -- the bars, security cameras, slamming cell doors, the many smells that present themselves. Imagine the murderers, rapists, addicts, thieves [...]

Prisoner Reentry: I Can’t Get It Together

BY BRAD SIMPSON Courtesy of Brad Simpson Do you know what pisses me off? The fact that I can’t get it together. I’m trying so hard to build a future for myself outside of prison. One that will show people that I will not be a loser all my life.   I have a long criminal history. I started [...]

Young Inmates Care About Fashion In Prison

BY KENNETH FOSTER What would you think if I told you that amongst America's prison blues, prison uniforms and prison commonality there existed a thriving and flourishing fashion in prison? A love for style that not even concrete walls, barbed wire and aggressive repression could smother? Prison has changed drastically over the years, due to the wave of young inmates [...]

Getting Out Of Prison With Nowhere to Go

BY MATTHEW MUNIZ I’ve had people ask me if I’m happy to be going “home” soon and the truth is, I’m not quite sure what I feel. It varies on a daily basis. I mean I’m glad to be finally done with my so-called “debt to society,” but when I look forward to the future, my future is very bleak. [...]

You Think YOU (or Maurice Clarett) Have Regrets…

BY KENTON WARNOCK  One thing I’ve learned about myself is that there is no situation that is so bad that I can’t make it worse. The last time this thought popped into my head was seven months earlier, looking into the mirror at an area on my neck where I’d recently stuck a homemade prison syringe full of drugs. My [...]

I’m Coming Home, Mom! (But Is He Ready?)

When I walk through the towers to be processed out and I walk through the final gate, no, my mom won’t be there because...

Prison Talk 101

By: Paul Gardner, Contributing Writer Courtesy, Paul Gardner I’d like to take a moment to shine a little light on an English sub-dialect, “Prison Talk.” This form of English is one-part slang, one-part 1940’s gumshoe detective jargon, and one-part ridiculous degradation of English itself. To hear many of the phrases spoken on their own by anyone besides a [...]

Free Charlie Norman Now

By: Charles Norman, Contributing Writer On this date in 1978, 38 years ago, I woke up at 6:30 a.m. in freedom for the last time. 13,880 days later, I have so far survived this unjust life sentence for a murder someone else committed in 1975. “No one said the world was fair,” a prison guard said to me recently. Corrupt [...]

Good Grievance, Charlie Brown

BY STEVE BARTHOLOMEW, Contributing Writer A year ago, the heat became stuck wide open in another unit. Sweat stained grievances choked the collection box. In particular, one prisoner filed emergency grievances, saying that the heat was making his chest hurt. He was in distress. They answered by telling him to drink more water, that they had checked the temperature with [...]

A Prisoner’s Prediction: If Clinton is President

President Clinton Signs Law to End Mass Incarceration (WASHINGTON, April 29, 2017) BY TY EVANS  TvEvans158293@gmail.com Courtesy Ty Evans President Clinton fulfilled her vow to relieve prison overcrowding, signing the Mass Incarceration Reduction Act (MIRA) into law yesterday. MIRA will provide training, education, and rehabilitative services to prisoners nationwide, reduce state corrections budget by 64%, and lower the [...]

A Prisoner’s Prediction: If Trump Is President

Trump's Executive Order Purges 200,000 Prisoners (WASHINGTON, April 5, 2017) BY TY EVANS TvEvans158293@gmail.com Courtesy Ty Evans President Trump fulfilled his vow to relieve prison overcrowding, implementing his top secret Executive Order 62254 yesterday. Specially trained Federal Militia entered 486 state and federal prisons shortly after midnight, and by day's end 206,926 prisoners had been executed. Of those [...]

A Real-life Andy Dufresne

By: John Paul Minarik, Contributing Writer Back in the 70s and 80s at Western Penitentiary, one of the oldest prisons in the world, the Shawshank Redemption was real; the prisons literally looked the same. I am a real life Andy Dufresne, only I never even tried to escape. I have been in prison for 45 years. I am an innocent [...]

GED Classes In Prison Are a Joke — The Fault of Prisoners or Teachers?

BY MICHAEL MCCARTHY In some ways GED instruction in prison is a big charade. The program looks good on paper (lots of prisoners in class) for those that analyze such things. But are they learning? The reality is many of these students are not learning. At least not enough to pass the GED. “Rate times time equals distance,” I instructed [...]

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