From Attica Prisoners To Harvard Law Students

By: John J. Lennon   The last great book I read made me cry and grind my teeth and pace my cell. It was written by a Harvard Law School graduate. It was Bryan Stevenson’s Just Mercy. With the best education in America, Mr. Stevenson chose to “get close to,” defend and ultimately save the lives of people on death [...]

What Is It Like To Get Life in Prison?

I spent the first few years of my natural life sentence muttering incoherently to myself and chewing my fingernails to bleeding nubs while I contemplated the most painless methods of suicide for American prisoners. How’s a 23-year old kid supposed to process having to spend the rest of his life in a cage? He doesn’t. How does anyone at any age make sense of a future of captivity? He can’t.


Daniel H. Harris By: Daniel Harris, Contributing Writer Men who publicly masturbate in prison to add spice to their fantasies used to be a rarity. Twenty-four years later, that is no longer the case. Back in the day, it was predominately black prisoners exposing themselves. White and Hispanic gangs refrained because their gangs enforced discipline with its own [...]

The Gross Things Prisoners Do When The Water Is Shut Off

By: Daniel H. Harris, Contributing Writer Eastham is an old prison with a slowly decaying network of pipes to provide water and remove sewage. For one reason or another we are without running water every few months. In the free world this would only be inconvenient. In a prison, well, read on. They do rolling flushes of each line [cell block [...]

Guards Flee Fire in Prison, Leaving Inmates to Die. Enter: Hero Guard.

By: Jerry Metcalf, Contributing Writer "Whaaamp ... whaaamp ... whaaamp ..." boomed the loudspeaker mounted outside my cell door. Above me, thick, oily smoke roiled, clouding my cell. The kind of smoke all the "survival" shows claim is necessary for a successful signal fire; a product of diesel fuel and burnt tires. This smoke, though, hadn't come from tires, it [...]

Prison Guard Kills Inmate … And Walks.

BY ARTHUR LONGWORTH (bio)   “Stop fighting!” The tower guard is yelling. He’s out on the catwalk of the nearest tower, rifle up. His voice isn’t as urgent, not as commanding as it could be, as it has been on other occasions. The fight he’s looking down on isn’t serious. Kind of lame, actually. Courtesy of Arthur Longworth On [...]

Wild Cats in Prison

BY DANIEL HARRIS, Contributing Writer (bio) Having spent more than two decades here in Eastham, a Texas prison, I would have sworn the walls around my heart and emotions were unbreachable. Hardened convict? I thought so, until I found out differently when a grey and black tabby cat came prissing into my life and my walls came tumbling down. Eastham prison [...]

‘Suicide Checks’ From The Government? A Gulf War Vet In Prison Explains

BY KENTON WARNOCK Courtesy of Kenton Warnock I had a cellmate who fought in the Gulf and would tell me about some of the things he had experienced. In many ways I am reminded of Vietnam Vets—as if the government just didn't learn its lesson the first time. As I listened to him speak of those experiences, I knew [...]

Why Prisons Aren’t Correcting Anyone

BY KEVIN COCKMAN Prisons are not built, designed or run with “correcting” in mind. Prisons aren't correcting anyone. These places are put here to destroy hope, break the spirit of individuality, demean, debase, and strip a person of his dignity. Prisons are the world’s incubators of hate and evil. This is the daily battle I have to fight while attempting [...]

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