Wake Up America, The Facts Are In: Solitary Is Torture!

By: Jason Walker, Contributing Writer After spending over five years in solitary confinement, I have finally come to realize that solitary confinement is known torture -- and the prisoners aren’t the only ones who know this. There have been extensive studies that have shown that lengthy periods of isolation can cause a number of mental and psychological setbacks. In a report [...]

Ex-Gang Member Says Prison Policies Feed Prison Gangs

By: Jason Moore, Contributing Writer As a prisoner and former gang member in the Michigan Department of Corrections, I don't know which is more repulsive: gang activity or prison officials claiming the moral high ground only to reach with a limp arm when searching for ways to stop gang growth. It's understandable for prison officials to view gang members as [...]

What Happens In Prison Doesn’t Stay In Prison Anymore

We live in a world where a husband could pick up his wife from a dentist appointment on his lunch break...

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