Prison Guards Gas Prisoners for Fun

By: Jason Walker, Contributing Writer In Texas Prisons, guards are notorious for beating, killing, and harassing prisoners. They also set up prisoners to be attacked by other prisoners while handcuffed from behind, and they're even known to assist prisoners in committing suicide, even when the prisoner has no intentions of doing such thing. These cruel practices are so common in solitary [...]

Death in Prison: The Top 3 Killers

By: Joseph Dole II, Contributing Writer Due to the media’s distortion of prison life and the people incarcerated there, most of society envisions Illinois “max joints” to be a milieu of nonstop rape and murder. Admittedly, there is a lot of fighting among inmates, but there's little raping or killing between inmates.  That is not to say that death in [...]

Juveniles Tried As Adults: Becoming A Man In Prison

By: Chris Dankovich, Contributing Writer My first visitor in prison was my dad. Looking back at the picture I have from that day, I realize that I must have smelled just awful. It was my second day in at Thumb Correctional Facility's Youthful Side, Michigan's prison for adults ages 13-18, having just arrived from the state's prison intake and processing facility. [...]

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