Former Cop, Now Inmate, Says Mentally Ill In Prison Are Abused

By: Edwin Garcia, Contributing Writer It is no secret that the state has used the Prison system as a dumping ground for the mentally ill. Common sense would lead an observer to conclude that an environment as degenerative as prison is not the best location to place a person who is suffering from mental illness. Yet the people who run our [...]

When You Grow Up In Prison, Did Your Life Ever Really Begin?

By: Chris Dankovich, Contributing Writer Sometimes, after my roommate has gone to sleep (or has left the room, or when no one is looking), I grab my pillow and hold it tightly, pressing my face against it. I fall asleep with my arm wrapped around it, or with it pressing against my back, pretending that I'm not alone – or at least [...]

I Was Born With Heroin, Meth, LSD and Alcohol In My System

By: Valerie Baker, Contributing Writer If you’re standing up, you might want to take a seat! Because I truly believe my story has the potential to blow your mind!  (J/K LOL.) At least I think it’s that interesting. Anyway, especially if you’re the “average joe” type of person. Both of my parents were heroin addicted “hippies.” On April 11, 1983 [...]

Penile Implants in Prison Cost About $40

By: J.S. Slaymaker, Contributing Writer Over the past twenty-two years I have had both the privilege and the burden to play witness to some righteously weird shit: guys cutting off fingers or breaking bones in order to avoid doing field work; having otherwise healthy teeth pulled for the Vikes [Vicodin pills]; and more recently, dudes keistering entire cell phones rather than [...]

Fighting the Ninja: Sex in Prisons

By: Charles Norman, Contributing Writer Mama Herc was a genuine prison legend, infamous beyond his razor wire boundaries. When I was in the county jail for a couple of years, fighting my case through the courts, recidivists would share chain gang horror stories about what would happen to the scared newcocks [new inmates] upon their arrival in prison. All that was missing [...]

Father In Prison Steps Up After His 14-year Old Son Kills A Columbia Student

By Sheldon Johnson, Contributing Writer In April of 2008, my son was arrested for accidentally killing a Columbia graduate student [Minghui Yu, pictured], while trying to impress a group of shallow friends who taunted, egged and dared him to attack the Asian man. Fast forward, my son eventual plead guilty to his recklessness – ignorance; however, the media had a field [...]

Dorothy Maraglino Had a Baby in Jail. Three Years Later, Still No Trial.

By: Dorothy Maraglino, Contributing Writer I was seven months pregnant when I was picked up for suspicion and noncooperation. Having never been arrested in my 36 years, my faith in the system was absolute. This is the 21st century and I know those involved in the crime will do the right thing. I would only need to be patient and [...]

What “Life” Is About on Death Row

By: Paul Anthony Brown, Contributing Writer I arrived to death row on August 28, 2000. I did not think I’d still be alive 14 years later, but here I am. Surely, we will all experience death. However, I suppose true death cannot be hastened, or put off; we will die when it’s our time to go. Living in this environment is [...]

When Prisoners Become Sex Slaves

By: Derek Trumbo, Contributing Writer The first time I saw the man everyone called “Helluva,” I found myself wondering, what does that have to do with the price of tea in China? Much later after observing, meeting, and coming to know this person for who he truly is, I’m left to ponder, What is the price of self-respect in prison? The first [...]

Breaking Bad: Meth-Selling Prison Guard Now A Prisoner Himself

By: Jonathan Benson, Contributing Writer This is a look at prison life from both sides of the glass. I am a former corrections officer, now serving a 7-year sentence. I used to be employed by a private corrections provider. I worked for 3 years as an officer. I can say from personal experience that things on the “other side” are a [...]

YES, It Happens. Guards Beat Me Up Out Of Sight Of Cameras

By: Jermaine Archer, Contributing Writer “The next time I have to tell you something twice, I’m gonna knock ya teeth outta ya mouth,” he whispered, his breath hot against my neck, the sharp hairs above his lip pricking my earlobes. If he weren’t 6’3” and about 250 pounds of stuff that didn’t jiggle or bounce, I might’ve been turned on. The [...]

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